About our methods

Eszter teaching

If a parent comes to the stage when they want to bring their child to a kindergarten, they stand in front of a very important decision. The choice of which kindergarten your child goes to will influent your child's live enormously. Professionals in child development are all agreeing on the fact that the first stages of development (the first 6 years of a child's live) determine a big part of the child's further life.

The grounds of which our way of working with the children stands will guide them to develop them selfs into the right direction. The child stands in the center, everything evolves around him. Instead of teachers deciding everything for the child our teachers work in a totally different way with the children; supporting them, helping them.

In our kindergarten the children will be guided, during working-time and playing-time, by two teachers through the whole day. One of the teachers will work with the children speaking English, the other one speaking Hungarian. It's proved that a child up to the age of 6 can make any languages his own, and easily learn more languages at the same time in a playful way. In this period the child is very enthusiastic and sensitive for anything that has to do with languages. He sucks up the knowledge like a sponge. This wonderful sensibility for learning languages will later in life disappear. Then only with hard work and a lot of patience it is possible to learn a new language. Learning two languages at the same time will not slow down the child's development, it will make the child happier and richer.

Our kindergarten might be new but the pedagogical method what we will work with dates back a 150 years. The founder, Maria Montessori, was the first Italian woman to get a diploma as a doctor. She started her career working in a clinic in Rome. It was there where she got interested in the development of small children. She started developing a special technique of working with the children and started to make special materials for them to work with. This was the beginning of a new pedagogical method which later got well known all over the world as the Montessori method.

Maria Montessori decided to go back to university. She took up psychological and philosophical studies so that she could learn to understand better the way children's minds work. With these new diplomas she got the chance of taking the neglected street children of the street. She started the first Montessori kindergarten in the world under the name: “Casa de Bambini”, which means: “House of the small children”.

Eszter Kovács

During working with the children and studying their development, she came to the conclusion that the way how a child is developing at an early stage of life, is decisive for the rest of his life. Today this is known as a fact, acknowledged by most professionals and proved by a lot of investigations, but in the beginning of the 20th century this was a totally new way of thinking.

In the world of today the Montessori-method is carried out throughout the whole world. From the far-east until the USA schools are working successfully with this method. This is due to the fact that the basics of the method stayed the same during the years, but the method can be easily adjusted to every country's culture and habits.

The basics of the Montessori-method:

In a Montessori kindergarten the space, where the children spend the most time of their day, is specially arranged so the children can move themselves easily around the room. The furniture, cupboards and shelves are all specially sized for children. In this way the children can work and play independently. The smallest children are of course helped by making their own choices. This is one of the most important learning experiences for the children from what they will benefit for the rest of their lives. In this kindergarten, specially adjusted to the size of the children, all the Montessori materials, toys, books, plates, cups, sponges, buckets and so on, are placed on shelfs where the children can reach them, neatly in categories put together on fix places.

Child playing

In a Montessori group a happy and stress-free environment is required. Each day begins with a group activity in a circle. The group activity always ends with a silence-game. After that the children can choose a material to work with individually, in pairs or small groups. If one of the children feels tired or wants to take a rest, there is a resting corner in the room with nice cushions and books.

When the children are playing outside, next to the possibility of running, climbing and playing in the sand, there is possibility of gardening also. Planting flowers, vegetables and fruit. The teacher tells the children about all the kind of animals and plants that live in the garden. This way the children learn to take care of their environment, respect it and love it.

Of big importance to our kindergarten is the contact between the parents and the teachers. For successfully raising up the children we have to work together.